Holly Choi CPST I

First Aid

Car Seat Safety

“Great course. I’ve taken a lot of first aid courses over the years and found Holly’s teaching style to be much more memorable and relevant. The way she explains things and breaks it down is straight forward, tangible and appeals to your common sense, she also gives you cues to help you remember! Loved the course and even better loved that it was at home with friends!”
Allison, North Vancouver

“Holly is professional and knowledgeable. Holly showed my husband and I how to install an infant car seat. Holly ensured that we were comfortable tightening and adjusting the car seat. She had us simulate taking a child in/out of the seat, as well as removing and reinserting the seat into the base. The session was thorough, and provided us with the knowledge we needed. From the car seat installation tutorial and the first aid course I took with Holly, I find I’m able to recall the information she proceeds because of the examples she provides and her clear communication.”
Lauren, North Vancouver